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Supporting the nation through
philanthropic endeavours

Viola Communications is uniquely placed to be able to leverage its assets for the benefit of the UAE’s society. This, for Viola Communications, is a moral imperative and has been most recently seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we supported the nation at a difficult time with positive messages of comfort, thanks and appreciation to medical front-line personnel, and uplifting words of encouragement for the public.

This is how we, as a people, ‘pay it forward’ – and this is how Viola Communications aligns itself with the simple concept of contributing to philanthropic measures by actively supporting ethical practices.

Committed to the nation

Every year, on the occasion of the UAE’s National Day, Viola Communications utilises its OOH assets to decorate the city of Abu Dhabi with UAE themed patriotic artworks that reflect the strength of pride in the nation.

For this special day, and many other annual celebrations and commemorations, Viola engages with public sentiment and contributes to the honouring of the country and its leadership.

Motivating the population on self-care

As part of our CSR responsibilities, we are active every year during Breast Cancer Awareness month, encouraging the general public to go and get checked, to find out more, and to discover how they can help.

In this way, Viola remains aligned with a global awareness campaign to motivate women and men to help spread awareness and understanding about the importance of early check-ups.